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New Guy From Florida

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Just getting into Taurus from other manufacturers. Hope to find all sorts of info here and Hoping the hearsay is just that: Hearsay
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Welcome to Taurus Armed, the best site I have found to get good information on Taurus firearms as well as other brands.

They do not tolerate brand bashing here or many of the things that make other forums hard to stomach.

Usually the "hearsay" is something someone heard from a friend of a friend.

I have a 3rd Gen PT145 Mil-Pro and actually shot it today. I put about 70 rounds through it without a hitch.

I shot a full box of .45 FMJ and 1 box of Hornady Critical Defense 185 g.

I wanted to make sure the Critical Defense functioned properly as it is going to be my new carry ammo.

Anyway, welcome from northeastern Kentucky! :wave:
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Welcome from Mid-Missouri!

i have 600 or so rounds thru my 24/7 G2C 9mm with out incident. Son and his girlfriend have several thousand rounds thru Milinium Pro and 24/7, also.

Taurus makes good firearms.
Welcome from Oklahoma.
Welcome from West Texas! :wave:
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everyone makes a mistake occasionally, it's how you take care of that mistake that separates the men from the boys. Taurus has a lifetime warranty that follows the weapon. That's how men fix their mistakes. It's not like that 5,000 rounds or out the front door, which ever comes first, that the other manufactures have.
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Welcome to TA from Jacksonville, FL.
Welcome aboard!
Welcome from North Central Florida!
Welcome from Kentucky!
Welcome from Lapeer,Michigan.
Welcome from East Texas to the best gun forum on the internet.
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Welcome from the Rust Belt USA....
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Welcome from Iowa! Never a problem with my 809C :)
Welcome from the bowels of Hellaware.
Welcome from Texas!
Welcome from South Tulsa.
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