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New guy from Arizona

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Well, I was walking by my neighbors house a couple of weeks ago and there he was at his garage workbench. I stopped and asked him "whatcha doin'". He said he was doing some "handloading". He started showing me what he was doing and he proceeded to tell me how much fun he had with his handgun and doing his own handloading. I had not done any handgun shooting and was intrigued by his enthusiasm and knowledge.
Suffice it to say, it is now two weeks later and I have taken a basic handgun course (last weekend), am scheduled for a Concealed Carry course tomorrow, have shot a rented revolver at a range every day for the last week, have gone to a gun show in Phoenix and Tucson, and just purchased a new Taurus model 627 (Tracker), 4 inch barrel, stainless, .357. I have rented a 10 shot .22 revolver and a Smith model 620 to practice with .38 special ammo. I pick the Tracker up Monday and am really looking forward to it. I'm hoping to start with .38 ammo and work my way up to doing my own handloading on the .357 end of the spectrum.
I'm having a wonderful time with a new hobby. I don't expect to do anything except range shooting. I think this is going to be like opening a fresh bag of pretzels and seeing if you can just eat one. BTW, I am a retired old geezer so time is not the issue, money is.
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Welcome From Arizona :thumb:

Glad that you are here..look around and have fun :D
What part of Arizona are you from, if you don't mind me asking ;)

I also have a 627 Tracker....love it

Time to make you a mans room.... :D :D
cuz u iz gonna need it ;)...lol
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Welcome to the forum.

That's the beauty of revolvers and handloading. Tailor the ammo to the gun and user. This on a budget.

Revolvers are excellent defense and fun gun tools and are not going out of style as unwise "conventional wisdom" states. There's been a resurgence to the revolver despite the inroads pistols have made over the last few decades.

Simple manual of arms, decent trigger pulls( on most anyway), simple to shoot with, and the versatility of the ammo types. Not to mention power upgrades if needed that transcend that of most semi-autos. There's a lot going for revolvers.
dbsoundguy, I'm in Tucson..been here since 1999. I shoot at the MarksMan ranges where my classes are. I knew if I opened those pretzels I was in trouble! It's almost midnight and my wife's in bed getting a good nights sleep and I'm reading everything I can find on the forums. Too old to learn "moderation in all things..." I guess. I am also blessed with a wife who has encouraged me to get a new hobby (and get out from under her feet, and out to the shop).
Being off by one's self or out with the guys is a good thing. On the other hand the daughter became a shooter fan and the wife joined in. :) Don't you know we all shoot at informal bullseye match league on Mondays now.
cool...sounds like you picked a good hobbie,and have a wife that supports you ;)
My wife supports me too,and i have alot of hobbies.... :rolleyes:
She also will go shooting once in a while, she has a S/W 65

Tucson...thats a long ways from me( well kinda)
I am up in the Verde Valley by Sedona.....
"moderation in all things
he...he ...he... :D
I don't think we now what that is...
i keep hoping one day to get some advice on how to overcome that problem..lol :D :D

So..have you decided to add on to the house for your new "Mans Room" or just build a seperate building.... :)
BTW..If you build it right you can make it sound proof, then you can start playing guitars also...lol ;D

OH yeah..another good reason for a seperate room is"GUN CLEANERS"....wives tend to not like them.. :bang: :soapbox:... :rolleyes: :rolleyes:...lol
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Welcome from West Texas! :wave:
Sounds like you may be hooked already. :thumb:
Welcome, from KY, Horse Country. I have a son that live in Cochise county, south of Tombstone, AZ. So if I get west I want to be there on weekends when they have some shooting competitions, or Demo's.
Florida waving hi.
You realize of course it's just starting.

Welcome from Missouri!! Have fun with the new toy.
Now that is what I call commitment; Welcome!
Welcome aboard.
I find the mind set of the South interesting, owning a gun does not make you a instant criminal
Here in Jersey :p it takes 90 days just to get a permit to purchase a hand gun
"Concealed Carry", not in this state :mad: :mad:
Can't wait to retire and move from the northeast.
welcome, you'll find this hobby tends to grow on you :)
Welcome to the fourm, we're glad to have you with us.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. :)
Thanks for all the "welcome aboards". My wife was smart enough to include a nice shop on the back of the house when we moved here. Hmmm..maybe she was already planning on having a place to send me? I finished the CCW class today, will pick up my Tracker tomorrow, and I am sure I won't get much sleep tonight.
I'm sure I will have a lot of questions to start, and maybe over time I can add some value as well.
Thanks again for the warm welcome.
..maybe she was already planning on having a place to send me?
Hmmmmmmmmm...sounds like it to me.... :D :D
Welcome from Minnesota!
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