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Years and years ago, Taurus was definitely a 2nd tier manufacturer. (Datsun/Nissan was once the cut-rate clone-clone company in Japan too). Things have changed. They still sell their guns less expensively than other manufacturers (perhaps that's why some dealers don't like them - too little mark-up) and they still sell versions of the Beretta 92 (then again, they bought the factory and drawings from Beretta in Brazil - legal and ligit as houses) but they also have come out with the Millinium Pro series, which wear like iron, shoot like lightning and carry easily. Their 24/7 series is quite innovative and their PT1911 series redefines a quality clone of the Colt (Kimber, Wilson Combat, Para Ordinance Springfield Armory and Smith & Wesson make some 'knock-offs' of the 1911 too, you know).

Taurus doesn't make perfect guns - and they don't make guns perfectly (C) 2007.... but I haven't found anybody that does.

About us - most of us have a number of different guns from different manufacturers - we're pretty open-minded (right now I'm wearing my Colt 1911 as my carry piece today) - we've seen the good and the bad from every company - but we still value our Taurus firearms.

Jump in. Circulate. Pretty soon you'll be a 'Taurusian' and your bank account will never be quite the same. :)
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