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So my buddy decided to try the Ameriglo CAP sights for his Glock, since he needs a large bright front post. I liked them so I got some. My buddy has a 22lr glock conversion, and I scored a used set of those same sights for $35. I installed them last night for him. Meanwhile, my brother had been getting parts for another glock build. He scored a Gen3 RTF G19 frame complete for $100 or so. He sent his slide to be milled by a place called Killshot Precision. He does all the milling on a manual machine. So my brother ordered those same sights, and I assembled his new slide and sights last night also. Took them both to the farm to test them out. I'll probably order anot her set for my other glock as well at some point, since it has old dim 3 dot sights.

The pic with 3 dots started with left dot, and went across to the right as I adjusted the sights on the 22lr slide. Shot at 5 yards, which our instructor likes to do in classes. He uses a 1 inch square and you need to try and make 1 hole in it at 3 yards. The other pic marked 20 rounds at 5 yards was the new G19. It was an extended mag slow fire, without resting during that mag. I still need to put a trigger in it for him tomorrow.

My wife shot the 22lr glock a bit, and really enjoyed it aside from the sweaty hands stopped gripping. She learned quickly why my grips are modified.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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