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I also went to the range yesterday. I received my new G2C 2 weeks ago, and picked up a few more magazines and a UpLULA Magazine loader at Academy Sports yesterday, so decided it was time to head to the range. My daily carry gun is a S&W 9mm PC Shield, and the G2C will be mainly my Night Stand gun.

I Decided to take them, and a few of my larger guns to the range to keep proficient with them all, and test and break in the G2C. The G2C feels better than my Shield, is just as accurate, holds 4 rounds more standard, and can use up to 20 rounds magazines. I wish the trigger did not have so much travel, but other than that, Shoots great, and I prefer it over the Shield. Comparing it to the Shield is really not fare, since it is the PC model, that has even been upgraded with Apex trigger parts. If someone comes out with a redesigned trigger for these, that retains the safety, I will jump on it.

This is the best bang for the buck for a 9mm semi auto I know of. I Love it.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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