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New from Tampa Bay area

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Hello ya'll. I just thought I'd introduce myself from Florida also. I have 7 Taurus handguns(actually 5 now, my wife commandeered 2 of them, LOL) I am a taxi driver in Tampa nad I don't walk out of my house without carring 2 of my trusty Taurus. The 24/7 9mm is a great reliable weapon and my main carry is a Millenium PT-745. Federal low recoil expanding FMJ is my defense ammo of choice for the PT-745. The 24/7 9mm I carry Federal Hydra-shok 147 grain JHP. Good stuff. I can and have trusted Taurus with my life on several occasions.
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Weclome to the forums. Our 24/7 and club is vast. A little smaller for the 745, but things are picking up.

Do recommend that you and the wife.....yes the wife.... :) read the FAQs, old, and new threads to come up to speed.

For the wife there is www.corneredcat.com and www.womenandhandguns.com.

These are great sources for women or guys. The former site anyway. :)
745s are gaining in popularity among the members here.
Enjoy the stay.
Welcome aboard from Kentucky. Qwiks pretty much touched on all the essentials. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Best Wishes
Howdy there rebelcowboy from across the Bay. Always glad to see another Floridian join. Jump in. Enjoy.
Greetings from another Tampa member.


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