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Welcome to the forums. Came to the right place. Do recommend that you read the FAQs section, old, and new threads on the pistol makes you are interested in. Both 24/7 and Millennium boards would pique your interest. So would the Factory Loads in the ammo board.

We do have members here who have the model S&W that you have, or one of its cousins like it in the same class. Take a look at the Other Guns board . There should be some S&W threads in there.

The question does beg to be asked. If you have a 9mm., why go to the .40 S&W?

Both are excellent cartridges, but the .40 S&W is a high intensity one. There's more recoil with those light weight 155gr-165 gr. than with even a .45ACP. The 180gr.in the .40S&W are more like 185 gr. bullets in .45ACP.

Technique and practice take care of recoil issues.

Not trying to put you on the spot. Have to admit to being a 9mm. user for the most part and a .45ACP user some of the time.

.40 S&W cartridge users can be confident in their pick.
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