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Hi, I am new and from A.Z. I have owned my Taurus PT 145 Mill. for six months now and I am very pleased with the performance. I was very nervous after I bought it because of all the negative things I have heard (hear say). I have carried Colt .45., Smith&Wesson 9mm, Berreta 9mm, CZ 9mm., Glock 9mm., and Glock .40. I chose the Taurus .45 as my personal owned weapon, because of the sub-compact and the price, not to mention the stopping power of a .45.

See ya around!

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Welcome to the forum.
Now ya done it. :) You mentioned the .45ACP being considered over the 9x19 or the .40S&W. Oh, the shame! Oh, the agony! :D ;D :)

Just kidding of course. One uses what one feels confident about.

If you hadn't guessed, yours truly likes the 9x19, but in defense there is one .45ACP in the stable.

Glad to have you here.
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