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New Cheetah12 ga AK and first 250rds

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Love me a Saiga12 and Vepr12 but wasnt willing to spend 800$ plus for a 12gaAK. So took a gamble on the ChiCom made Cheetah12gaAK. Many badtalk Chinese made products but remember the Chinese have made decent reliable Mil guns / type 56 Norinco SKS. A web search results the mfg on the receiver is a branch company or associate of NORINCO so I thought for 435$ and buds 21$ lifetime warr Why not. Thus far after 250rds of Win 1oz 1350fps #8 dove & clay Wally priced @ 4.78$ /25ct box, its been very reliable on the #4/4 gas setting I had 3 fail to go into battery wich went in with a thump from my hand. Only mods: polish the bolt/carrier and rails then light lube. Plus Hand cycled like a fool all nite. Its not heavy and even with θθ buckshot the recoil is crazy tame vs my Mossy88 pump maybe its the gas system that minimizes felt recoil. The receiver is reinforced at the front trunion 3mm and has a forged bolt, prior DDI units had cast bolts and did have problems breaking/ deforming. Most Saiga12 parts/ aftermarket furniture are interchangeable with the Cheetah12 wich is a future parts bonus. Love that it cycles cheap ammo. Will report next range trip.


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Looks like a bunch of fun! Continued good luck with it.
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