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New Ar and CX4.

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Wife made me sell a couple to get these, but I'm happy.

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only a couple?? I think you got the better end of the deal. Nice pieces they will be fun at the range.
Is one for her?

So, what's the AR? If you're going to post the pic, you have to give details!

The upper is a Rock River UTE with a Double star lower. It's my first one so I'm still learning about them, but damn fun to shoot.
I almost got a UTE but went with the fixed carry handle upper. Went with the mid-length gas action for something a little different and the short forend just feels wrong to me (too much time with M16 I guess).

1-3 weeks left until it should be here..... and I got just about everything else I want already here.

Nice EBR. I don't care for the CX4, but it's nice as well. I have a RRA Midlength. I just bought a RRA A4 upper to swap out with the A2. I'm sending my upper to Randall at www.ar15barrels.com to turn my HBAR into a Govt Profile minus the R4 notch. Again, nice rifles!

Tyoung, how is that Bushnell Holosight? Have you been able to compare it to an Eotech?

ETA: Nice Big Toe! ;D
Thanks for the compliment on the toe.(Didn't notice that till later) I really like the Bushnell. I've used both and their is no difference IMO. I got the the Bushnell because the guy who owns and put my AR together had it on his for a month then put an Aimpoint on his. Picked it up for 175.
Very nice Tyoung!

What caliber is your CX4 chambered for? I've been drawn to the design but never have bought one. The only carbine I have currently that is chambered for a pistol cartridge is my Ruger PC9. :)
I have the CX4 in 9mm and love it. 100yd shoots are no problem. I have been floating between a bushnell, Aimpoint and Tasco for red dot. I think the Tasco works best at co-witnessing with the factory sights. I have also used several regular scopes and find they work very nice too. Makes a good buddy to my two PT92's and they share mags too.

And yes I purchased all the extras for it with the exception of the barrel shroud, just didn't like the way it was mounted to the barrel.
The CX4 is in 9mm. I had a Ruger PC9 up untill 6 months ago. Very fun rifle, but I got tired of there being no aftermarket products for them.
Thanks Tyoung,

If I were going to get a CX4, it would probably be the 9mm version since the .45 ACP only comes with 8 round magazines. I'm not aware of any hi-caps available for the latter version, but if they're out there then it would make the .45 ACP version a lot more attractive to me (and probably to many others). :D
I just checked budsgunshop.com and they've got the
CX4 in .40 S&W marked down to $469.99, though the
9mm is still listed around $200.00 more. grrrrrr

I couldn't help but notice the competitive pricing on the M&Ps in 9mm & .40 S&W also at $399.00. I wasn't ever even thinking of an M&P up until just recently after having read a few writes ups as well as opinions stated by owners on various forums. It appears S&W has a winner here.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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