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I had purchased a new 856 revolver last week so I'm putting this up here because there were a few things I had to deal with and this way you'll know what I did in case you run across the same problems.

First off, the hammer had enough sharp edges to shave with so after removing the hammer I took a piece of emery cloth, rounded all the edges, then painted the area with Dupli-Color 500 degree engine paint (DE 1634 Low Gloss Black) and baked it in the oven at 200 degrees for a little over and hour.

The trigger pull was horrible so I disassembled the trigger and hammer mechanism, cleaned out all the oil and loaded it up with automotive polishing compound. Then with snap caps installed I had dry fired it well over 250 times, cleaned it out, cut 1 coil off the trigger spring, put it all together and the difference was just amazing. The hammer spring was left alone and it works just fine.

Next, took it to the range to try it out and all the rounds were going about 2 1/2 inches to the right, after a close examination the barrel was canted to the left so I got back to the shop and gave the barrel a slight twist counter clockwise. In a day or two I'll go to try it out again and as far as ammo goes, the Remington 130 grain fmj, and the 125 grain +p hollow points all shot too low. The round that was right on the money was the Remington 158 grain lead +p hollow points so that's where we're at so far and just for the record Smith & Wesson has problems like canted barrels even on their performance center models so in the world we live in today you just need to be able to do some repairs on your own.

By the way the grips are just uncomfortable and they are the latest Taurus design so I put on a set of Hogue grips and it's good to go.
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