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New 709 range report & question

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After researching Keltec PF9, Ruger LC9, & taurus 709, I decided on the Taurus. I was surprised to find one at my LGS yesterday (plain Jane blue, one mag & cardboard box). After a couple of field strippings and cleanings to get out the factory gunk and a little dry firing with snap caps, I took it out this afternoon for a tryout.
I shot several mags of WWB 115 gr. FMJs and Blazer Brass 124 gr. FMJs without a hiccup. The gun functioned perfectly, and accuracy was better than I expected, with 3 or 4 inch groups at 10 yards with both types of factory ammo
My question is the trigger. I got the loooong take up and crisp break that I expected after reading posts on this forum.
I was surprised, however, that the pull required to break the shot was not consistent. Most shots required the advertised 5 or 6 lbs, but several times, significantly more pull was required, to the point that I was beginning to think I had tripped the safety or something. Is this common with new 709s, & will it improve as the gun breaks in with more rounds fired?
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I put another 3 mags through it today. There were only a couple of instances where the pull required was a bit "stout", and the variation on those seemed to be much less. I did not have any of those "wow, is this thing ever going to go off?" moments.
Hopefully, as the firearm breaks in, it will continue to get more consistent. I will try to clean & lube carefully & sparingly around the sear.
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