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I have this concern included elsewhere but sure a 'smith can diagnose this...

Currently, I have a brand-new Taurus 44 Tracker where the circular burn-pattern at the front of every single bore on the cylinder at the forcing cone are clearly uneven, going out to the right and non-existent at the left, suggesting to ME the cylinder is flexing on firing and closing the gap on the left (maybe flexing to the left at the REAR?). The gun SEEMS to be resonably alligned in trigger-pulled battery so far as I MYSELF can see. The cylinder gap also appears to be quite even from left and right side of the frames. I'm betting someone here has a clue about this symptom though please!

In the mean time, I'm gonna try Buffalo Bore's full-power 44 Magnum Light Recoil 255 gr. loads and some medium-velocity Win. 240's, both semi-wadcutters, and see if they make a difference vs. the only 20 rounds of heavy 300 gr. Federal CastCore Hunting ammo I've used -- the accuracy dropped significantly as I shot but maybe (I hope) that was my growing recoil sensitivity (this little gun hurts a bit after a few heavy shots).


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