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~Revolver Wear~
~This is nothing new to Smiths, but it may be New to You~
~Its the Best plain and simple~Get down to ACE and pick up a Tube~
~A revolver has few wear parts~Not like a Pistol, that is a thrashing machine in function~
~Take a Q-Tip, with some Super Lube, and put a thin film on the Trigger Group, Indexing Spline, and around the Forcing Cone inner frame to ease clean-up~
~Its a H1 Food Grade Industry Lubricant, which is the Highest rating on the planet, yes you could eat it~Its clear, non staining, odorless, it does not separate or cake, and Stays put in all environments~the Government is vary fussy about Lubricants working there way into the food we eat, but H1 can without hurting us~Yes they sell a Full Range of H1 Grade Lubricants~Yes I use them all, but I buy the bigger volume size containers & sprays~

~Super Lube Synthetic Grease With PTFE Teflon~Be sure to read every word~

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