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New 24/7 Pro LS in .40

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Hello from northern Colorado. I just purchased a new 24/7 pro ls in .40 s&W, and have a couple questions. Looking through the technical specs and features, my gun supposedly comes with the heinie str8 8 sights and the taurus "Ribber" grips. Mine came with 3 dot sights, and the grip is not rubberized at all, just the polymer material.

I will add that I did not handle this particular handgun when I was buying, the one they had on display was an all blued model with the ribber grip and st8 8 sights, which I was going to buy, but the guy at the counter told me they had one of the same model left in stainless, and I just went with that, expecting the same features. Anything I might be missing here?

Oh yeah, not really complaining, i prefer the 3 dot sights, but the grip on the all blue model was significantly more comfortable and one of the reasons I picked the 24/7 over other models. I also feel I got a pretty good deal, as I picked it up new for $350.
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WOW!! A pro series new this late in the game!!
The Pro is the second series of 24/7 that was produced and some had Ribber grips, later ones did not as Taurus had problems with the grips coming off in pieces and disciontinued using them.
the Novak three dots also would indicate that it is a later production date Pro as they did indeed originally have the Hienie Straight Eight sights on them , again complaints by the owners caused them to discontinue them and go to the novaks.
Congrats on the gun, enjoy it and welcome to the forum.
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