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Congratulations on your new 9mm Taurus PT24/7 Pro and Welcome to the Forum! I really like mine quite a lot and I'm sure that you will like yours, too!

As for the SigArms P226 magazines working, I'm quite doubtful of that. Your new 24/7 should have come with 2 magazines. If not, ask the dealer where the second one is! SigArms magazines will typically cost just as much or sometimes more than Taurus Magazines, so generally, there is no cost savings to be had. I would also be leary of some of the lower cost aftermarket mags available for the Sig P226.

My preference is to stick with the OEM Factory Magazines, or at least until an aftermarket magazine of comparable quality is available, which currently is not the case. Life's too short, and could be even shorter, if you/to depend upon bad magazines. The magazine is the heart of your Pistol that keeps the ammo flowing!

CDNN has 9mm and .40 Taurus 24/7 magazines for about $30 plus shipping, which is better than the $40 plus shipping, elsewhere. I have 3 spare 9mm 24/7 Magazines from CDNN, besides the two magazines my 9mm 24/7 Pro came with.


Happy and Safe Shooting! ;D :shooter:
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