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Neighbor Problems

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I live in the country and occasionally shoot targets for probably an hour maybe once a month. I have a new neighbor that moved in a few months ago. The first time I was out shooting he came over to my place with a badge on his hip telling me it was not legal to shoot on my property. I asked him if he was a LEO and found out he was security for Silver Dollar City.(WOW). Trying to be the good neighbor, I politely explained that I am not breaking any laws and it is perfectly legal to shoot on my property. I also explained that I am not shooting toward anything that would cause harm.

Since then he called the County Sheriff office on three occasions and they came out and spoke with me about shooting. Everytime they agreed that I was shooting is a safe manner and not breaking any laws.

Last week I decided to take the tractor out and I dug a 100 yard long shooting range with a 12' berm. This neighbors house is approx 3/4 of a mile from my place. I am shooting in the opposite direction .

Yesterday I took a few of my guns out for a little target practice. A couple of the other neighbors came over and we were shooting for about 20 minutes and here comes the Sheriff driving across my lawn to where we were. He immediatly got out and wanted to see our hands. We all obliged and he then relaxed a bit. He told me he was the sargeant and he was called out on a complaint of gunfire. I explained to him that this was the fourth time this neighbor has called and I asked if there is anything illegal about my shooting on my own property. He stated that he thought my range is safer than the public range we have in the county. He was really impressed by what I had done to be safe while shooting. He told me that I was not breaking any laws and I can shoot there anytime I wanted. I explained that everytime I shoot, The Leo's respond. I told him that this is the fourth time they have been called. He told me that he was a sargeant and would put out a memo to all the other county officers that I am shooting safely and even built a very safe range on my property and they would not be responding to this neighbors complaints anymore.

He then told me that the neighbor this time had called in and reported that I shot his dog. I was really upset at this point. I am probably the biggest animal lover in the state and have rescued many dogs. I explained that this neighbor is trying to do anything he can to get me to stop shooting on my property. The sheriff agreed and thought his story was bogus.

The officer went over to the goofy neighbors and explained that they will not respond to anymore of his unfounded calls. He also saw that his dog was running around barking and having fun and was by far not hurt or shot.

I called the Sheriff's office today and spoke with the officer. I told him that I was really concerned that this neighbor is reporting that i had shot his dog and that is a false report. He told me he had a long talk with this guy and told him if he makes up anymore stories about dog shootings ect that he would get a free trip to the county lockup.

I cannot believe I have this nut case giving me all this greif. I am a law abiding citizen and have never had a LEO ever respond to anything at my place until this nutbag moved in.

Now I have decided to go all out with the firing range. I am going to build a small roofed structure with a built in shooting rest ect. Since this gut is such an A** I think I am even going to light it up for some evening shooting. Pics will follow when I get it completed.

The funny thing is that I did not shoot very often nor for longer than 30-45 minutes. The reason was so I did not offend anyone. I am freinds with all the other surrounding neighbors and they will be using the range and do not have any problems with the range at all or my target shooting on my property. I have a feeling that I will be getting in alot more range time in the following weeks. Paybacks are hell. :mad:
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Just a thought, rifles are louder than pistols....

Even if you get the lights installed, don't forget to practice your lowlight defensive shooting. And its sometimes darker the later at night it is....

Also, doe he own or rent his place?

A thought for future use. Your wonderful neighbor likely had to pass a background check just to get his job. If he keeps being a pain in your fourth-point-of-contact maybe the Sheriffs dept. can charge him with something that could cost him his job.

Here's another thought. You used to be able to get automated devices that sounded like a gun shot to scare birds away from your garden. You do either have or are planning on having a garden right? I mean, with food prices increasing it would be comforting to start growing some of your own food.... I'd suggest checking with the Sheriffs dept. before getting and using a device like this, just to be safe.

Steelheart said:
Just a thought, rifles are louder than pistols....

Even if you get the lights installed, don't forget to practice your lowlight defensive shooting. And its sometimes darker the later at night it is....

Also, doe he own or rent his place?


He does own his place. I think I need to order 1000 rounds for the SKS. I may even need to borrow my freinds 7 MAG. :D
What a dick weed. I'd start shooting every night, cost permitting, and make sure he knew that the way he acted has caused your increased interest in target shooting with large caliber rifles.
Don't forget to ask your friends over once the weather gets nicer for weekly shooting sessions. I mean, since you put all that work into building a nice range...

What a tool. I think you need to consider having a "shoot-a-thon" at your range, you know, one of those 3 day extravaganzas that you shoot every gun you own, day through late night, and burn a TON of ammo.....oh, and invite your LEO's to participate !! You may as well be really neighborly, and make as many friends as you can........ :shooter:
I like the idea of inviting the local LE to use your range. That way you get more rounds downrange and they get another place to practice.

Don't forget to invite them to bring anything full-auto just to annoy the neighbor.

I just had another thought. Did you mention to the Sheriff about how he had his security badge on his belt the first time he came over? You didn't mention much about it but it makes me wonder if he's a wanna-be cop?

What @$$ hat I would definitely invite the local LEO to shoot at your range never hurts to get in good with them.
Arkon said:
What a dick weed.
lol i have'nt heard that one in a while :D

this guy is truely a asshole first off you lived their first so i guess maybe he should have checked it out before he bought.

you're not doing anything wrong.

even though this guys an asshole i'd still suggest not shooting past dark, no reason to be an asshole right back.
except maybe if you have a BBQ or other special event.. this guy im sure will look for any little thing to call the cops again so dont give him any ammo (pun intended)
Yeah, this guy sounds like a Dick First Class.

Here's an idea. Invite the Sheriff to visit one day and shoot a few rounds with you. Then when the call comes in again, maybe he can use his weight to settle the neighbor down. If he isn't available, get one of the deputies or the sarge that visited you to come over and shoot. This would all work best if they were in unmarked vehicles or POV's.

On the other hand, maybe the rent-a-cop works nights and you are actually disrupting his sleep? Either way, he's being a tool.
Check your local laws on noise ordenence it should be 11:00pm . I live less then a mile from the sheriffs range and some nights there out there going full auto till well into the night. if it is not the range then its the rock quary blowing up side off lime stone half the day, were so used to it it dosen't bother uss at all.

Now the neighbor thing we had a couple move in across the street he's a full blown wife beatin child abuseing jerk and the LEO knows it but can't catch him when he's at it.

I'm part of a neighborhood watch program that basicly includes me and another guy down the street. So one night he was down at another neighbors house were my daughter was tutering there special needs child and the women who lives there was holding his drunk butt back at knife point, his wife and kids were hiding from him there. My daughter calls and I give the phone to my other daughter and told her to call the police. I ran out the door with out my gun in this case I'm glade I did because we got into it in the street he pushed first, well he ended up on the ground and after holding him there forever I let him up and told him to take his sorry ass home. he must have called the police too and said I attacked him because when they came they were less then kind to me even though I had all the witnesses. Now I know most of the LEO but this little shaved headed cop was bound and determined to take me to jail. I informed him that I had all the witnesses and was joking around with the LEO that I new.
well they decided that they were going to do nothing. which just got the little newbie leo all in a big huff talking about having an attitude. so some advice invite all the LEO's out to shoot and make jerk pull his hair out :) :) :) :)
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Sounds like it's time for the first annual TaurusArmed.net shooting event. :D
if i could afford the money for gas or he lived in ohio i'd be all over that.
Maybe you should stop by your neighbor's and invite HIM over to shoot.

tman's first rule for parties. Invite the neighbors if you don't want the cops called.
hes just upset because you are cooler than he is. rock on brotha!
lol..these replies are too funny...
I think you should invite him over also, They say "Keep your friends close and your Enemies closer" :devil:

Now the idea of LEO's coming over..that could be fun and interesting :D
Wow. must be nice to build your own range, sounds like Georgia is even better than Arizona..lol

Hey MM , you need to borrow a one of them ported big bore pistols, you know the ones they don't like at gun ranges..lol

Anyways good luck on your headache :fart:
Make sure to take a picture of the guy when you invite him over and he gets there and sees the LEOs. Then post the picture here. I think his expression would be priceless.
what an idiot... he could be shooting on your range, instead he's a backside.
hey man you need to post up some pictures of you range
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