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Need stronger hammer spring for Taurus revolver causing mis-fires

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My taurus model 441 in .44 special has a wonderful double action trigger pull, but the lite spring tension is causing some mis-fires as some primers aren't getting enough indentation to ignite the powder charge.

I could try changing my brand of primers, which are presently Winchester...but I really feel that the hammer spring needs to hit harder.

Also contacted Wolff Springs.com but an email said they only make hammer springs to reduce spring tension...what's up with that???

Can anyone give me a link on stronger tension hammer spring for my gun.

Taurus won't sell me a hammer spring and I won't send them the gun to replace one.

TB C45
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Clip one coil from the firing pin return spring. That should do ya' right. Some Tauri revolvers appear to have one too many coils in the firing pin return spring. It won't do no harm cuttin' a coil off as all it functions for is to return the firing pin back in the firing pin chamber after each trigger pull. I did that on my 627 6" barreled Ti-Tracker and it sovled all my light primer strike issues.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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