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Need some info on Grips for 909/911

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Im interested in buying either the 909 or the 911. However, im sure there is someone knows what other grips from other models can crossover to these ones? i hope?? and is nearly 600 worth it for a SS 909 with pearl handles, NIB? any help would be great! thanks in advance
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I bought a SS PT911 for $379 brand new in the box form Robertson Trading Post thru gunsamerica.com
I bought a blued one first. Then decided that if I boughy my wife a new gun, then It would be my turn again. She likes shiney. I am fixing it up with hot pink grips and finger groves for her for valentines.

Last time I talked to Robertsons they still had a bunch in stainless and blued. Anybody wanting one still have a chance at a good price. I saw others close to $500
i spoke with them Feb 1. I just bought the ss for my wife. Dont go by their website on availability. i called about 3 pistols that showed they had them and they were out. Best bet is to call. They did say to use their gunsamerica and gunbroker links to purchase.
Received wife's gun. Put some grips from Tillander(think that's how you spell it) on it.


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1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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