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Need some info on Grips for 909/911

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Im interested in buying either the 909 or the 911. However, im sure there is someone knows what other grips from other models can crossover to these ones? i hope?? and is nearly 600 worth it for a SS 909 with pearl handles, NIB? any help would be great! thanks in advance
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Welcome to the Forum! :cool:

PT909's will use PT92/PT100 Grips. PT911 and PT940 Grips are the same.

Pricing any good handgun in the current market is a bit of a roll of the dice, but $600 for a NIB SS PT909 is a bit high for me, but maybe not to someone with cash to burn.
All prices on everything are very high. Another factor is that PT909's are scarce.
Beautiful! :cool:
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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