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I was going to put this in the WTB/for sale section but I really don't think what Im looking for anyone on the board has. If they did Im sure I would have seen pictures posted. If you guys can help me find a few older Taurus pistols Im looking for I would greatly appreciate it. If you happen to be looking around your local shops or gun shows and find someone selling one of the guns listed below please try to grab the shops card and post up there info so I might be able to call them and purchase the guns Im looking for. If you know anyone or you do happen to have one on the list you want to get rid of for a fair price again please let me know here.

The first one I am looking for is the older Mil. non Pro PT111BG shown here

or the PT111SSG

as you can see I am looking for the older Mil. with the blue/gray frame. Im not sure if they made them in any other caliber but I prefer 9mm or 45

also Im looking for one of these for my wife in 38special or preferably 357 so she can shoot both

last but not least I am lookiing for a 1st gen 24/7 9mm with the blue/gray frame. Its a small picture but it looks like this

Thanks guys if you can help a fellow Taurus fan out by watching out for what I am looking for.
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