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Need help cleaning!!!!!

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Sorry guys I'm a new gun owner and bought the pt111 G2. There appears to be some fingerprints on the slide that I can't remove. Is there an easy way to clean the slide? I have tried everything and am having no luck. Thanks for any help!
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How about a photo?

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That is interesting...what products have you tried?
Honestly, I don't know what to try. Any suggestions?


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Here's a YT vid:

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Maybe try Flitz or Mothers??
That doesn't look like fingerprints but a defect in the finish (rust?). Was it that way new out of the box or after shooting the pistol? If it wasn't there when new you may want to try some scotch brite or flitz as was suggested. If it was there out of the box I would give Taurus a call.

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No, it wasn't like this when I bought it. Looking at it close it shows fingerprints. I am going to try the stainless steel wipes first. If that doesn't work I will go buy some mothers tomorrow. Thanks!
If you use the Mothers you may have to polish the entire slide to keep it uniform. I would try the scotch brite first. That will probably give you the matte finish desired. There are different grades available. White being the finest and brown the coarsest. I think green is in between.

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Use a dremel and a buffer pad to work in the Mothers SS polish. If that doesn't do it...then there is something strange afoot at the Circle-K, dude...
There are some great suggestions here. The first thing I would try is just spraying some CLP (Cleaner, Lube, Protectant) on it and see if it will wipe off with that. If that doesn't work, go to the other things.


Welcome and good luck!
Yep, I like transmission fluid (ATF) and a rag on stainless steel. That appears to be surface rust and should come right off with just about any type cleaner.

General rule for keeping it rust free after you get the surface rust off is to keep matte finishes oiled and to use car polish on polished finishes. If it is your carry pistol, I would get some Dry Film Lubricant (DFL) to wipe down the out side. Hint: For best results heat the outside of the pistol with a hair dryer before applying the DFL, this helps the metal absorb the DFL so it lasts longer. DFL is also best for use on your striker assembly as it does not attract dust, grime, pocket lint, etc.
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