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Need a little 709 help

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I posted this in the 700's forum without much input, maybe you guys can help

Ok guys, I've had this gun apart many times for cleaning.*I gave it a cleaning this morning and put it back together, now DA does not function??

*Trigger just free travels and the safety trigger don't seem to pop fully into place??
*If I slide the slide back just a hair, it engages?
You can hear a click and then safety trigger pops back

What I do wrong?
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I don't have that gun so all I can do is give you a bump. Hopefully someone with experience with the 709 will come along soon.
Since you had multiple problems, you deciding to send it to Taurus is the best move. I hope to hear of the repair results when you get it back! :)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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