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I have had my TCP (first and only firearm currently) for 2 years now. About 800 rounds down range. I figure I would just make a post showing my gun with its subtle mods and give you my thoughts.

First, It has been pretty reliable. However it did go back to Taurus after about 3 months of ownership for failure to fire. The striker did not fully go forward. I sent it back to Taurus who paid for shipping both ways. It took about 2 weeks but received it back and has been good since. So A+ for them there.

My impressions... Its a great gun especially for the price. My buddy has the Ruger and we have tried them back to back extensively. I will say mine feels better, has better sights, and looks better. I think his Ruger may be a smidgen more accurate but more on that in a little bit. Until recently it has been stock. Within the last few weeks I
aftermarket parts have added the Tractiongrips and the Pearce Grip extensions. Let me tell you the gun feels COMPLETELY different with these two mods. It feels far more solid in my hands. I have also painted the sights for ease quick sighting. I think I may add Nitesiters sights for a little more factory look.

Now, I will be sending it BACK to Taurus. I contacted them regarding 3 issues I have. My gun is a B-series so I know they have made some upgrades to the C. My issues:
1. Failure to feed when manually racking slide. It never has an issue while firing but when loading the first road it gets hung up often
2. The slide lock works great but is very hard to disengage. It usually requires both thumbs and a good bit of pressure.
3. It fires CONSISTENTLY to the right. I have put several rounds down range, along with others trying it. At about 7 yards its about 3-6 inches to the right. If i aim in the 6 to the left I can bulls-eye. My friends have fired it and they noticed the same.

So I contacted Taurus to see if this is something they would cover. They said yes, each can be addressed. I do have to pay for shipping there but they will repair and send back free of charge. I am going to toss it in the mail tomorrow so in a few weeks when it comes back I will let you know whats up.

So there you have it, my tale of the little TCP. So far, not bad. For the price, its been great. I wish the little nuisance issues weren't there but I bought it for 250, and I still think its a great bang for the the buck. Hopefully it comes back 100% and I can prove to all the haters Taurus makes a decent firearm.
It looks deadly. I like black stuff like these.

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one would think that they could have built the gun without the external button on the slide latch and it would still work just the way you described. however the external button was included, makes me think that they did intend for it to be used as a release. i see no reason not to use that way, or that it shouldn't work when used as such.
I concur

As for the slide and feeding issues, both were addressed by Taurus so obviously there was some room for improvement. Definitely better now
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