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My replacement from Taurus arrived and...

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Taurus kept my 44 spl revolver for almost 6 months while they tried to find a barrel to replace the orginal one as it shot way high at every range and failed to fire due to light strikes on nearly 2/3's of shots attempted in DA. I got a replacement 44 Tracker today. I thought that was a pretty good gesture on Taurus' part. I took her out of the box and noted that the DA and SA timing were both a bit late-ish with slow DA locking the cylinder on two chambers only as the hammer tripped. The SA does not carry up on the same two chambers when cocked slowly and you can then rotate the cylinder into place with a hair of movement at which time the cylinder locks in with an audible "click". Pretty lame for a new revolver. Oh well, I figured it would work in normal firing, and it did...all except for the trigger which got stuck in the rear position in the middle of a DA string of 240 grain magtech 44 magnums. I had to flick it forward with my trigger finger to get it back forward. It ran fine for another 13 rounds after that. This gun is very accurate to say the least, but the crummy timing and the sticking trigger are a major dissapointment. ???

Anyone want to trade me something for a functional but slightly late-timed 44 tracker 4" in blue? It's got 16 rounds of 44 magnum and 30 rounds of 44 special down the pipe and is just as it came from the box.
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I agree, I would make Taurus fix this issue.
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