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I always liked my Raging Bull but had a problem with a grip which was simply bit too large for my hand, after looking for aftermarket grips available I wasn’t able to find anything (and far as I know there are none!) :(

I was thinking if making my own wooden grips, but I prefer rubber and making a grip for Raging Bull wouldn’t be easy…

So here’s what I did - I filed it! 8)

I took a small fine file and started working the red insert/cushion at the back of the grip making sure I don’t touch the black. I did it in couple of session and now the grip feels noticeably smaller and the insert doesn’t stick out nearly that much, I also rounded it off; so it’s not flat and looks more like a bike tire in a way (nice and round). Looks better as well! ;)

In anyone wants to do the same; make sure you remove the grip from the gun -makes it a lot easier. The rubber will slowly give in and you have to rub off the shavings off with you hand (it doesn’t want to go). Make sure you file it evenly from both sides with out touching any black rubber (it’s made of different material and filing it will likely mess it up). It takes time and can become tedious; so splitting it into 2-3 sessions is not a bad idea.

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Cool deal, but where are the B4 and after pix? ;D I made a set of walnut grips for a little Star Model F .22 pistol once, but it was pretty easy. I sanded 'em to shape. They were flat with few inlets and curves. A dremel tool helped with the area around the safety (1911 style safety). It's turned out pretty neat. I bought the gun used and cheap, had plastic grips originally. The walnut panels turned out much better, but then the gun got stolen in a break in here. Oh, well, wasn't that accurate a gun anyway, though it was reliable.
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