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Both of which are in progress in my old home state.

The Boston Bomber has been found guilty on all 30 counts, 17 of which make him eligible for the Federal death penalty. As much as I wish him to join Tim McVeigh as a Federal lethal injectee, I think there will be at least one hold out in the state with no death penalty. Life without parole for Tsarnaev.

Now, to Aaron Hernandez, who in all likelihood did exactly what he is accused of. I don't think the State proved their case beyond reasonable doubt. He may ride the rap on the gun and ammo charges, but the murder charge, I don't think so. Of course, he has a long row to hoe, courtroom-wise. He'll be in jail for six or more years whether he's ever found guilty of anything in the end. From a multi-millionaire to a jailhouse rat- somehow that cries out Karma....
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