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My New/Used Taurus 85

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Well, I finally drove down to Gander Mtn. and bought a used Taurus 85. Looks to be in geat shape. I wasn't sure when it was manufactured, so I called Taurus and they told me it was made in 1997. Do any of you guys own a 1997 Taurus, gun of course :)? Is so, was that a "good year" for this the model 85?
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Yep, when you get a quality revolver whether it be a 38 or 357 mag, under $200.00, that's awesome. I have yet to shoot my gun, I hope it doesn't make me look like an idiot :-\
NativeTexan said:
Not sure the exact manufacturing date, but I bought my M85UL in 96 or 97. Excellent gun, very accurate, excellent DA trigger, and easy to carry. I like it a lot.
You must have one of the very first ultra's that Taurus made, which I think began in 1997. I did a brief historical study and that was one of the pieces of info that sticks out in mind because I was wishing mine was an ultra.

It's off to the range on Saturday to see how she fires.
Finally had chance to shoot it last Saturday. As I slowly pulled the trigger back, I thought to myself, "I wonder if this thing works since I got such a good deal." Then... BOOM. Yep, it works alright. It works just fine ;)
powerkicker said:
Speaking of 200 dollar revolvers; I bought a new-looking 44 special Taurus five shooter. The gun looked great but shot 16" high at 25 yards and gave light primer strikes in DA that caused countless misfires. It's away at Taurus right now being repaired(I hope they fix it anyway). I'm glad you got a good one!
Yep, sometimes its the luck of the draw. But I would feel the same no matter what used gun I purchased. There's dud smiths, dud rugers, etc. Oh yeah, your going pay much than $200.00 dollars worth of dead presidents for those guns. Hope you get your gun back in perfect working order and she shines for you.
drummin_man627 said:
I keep this page in my favorites list. Maybe it will help you, too. http://www.handloads.com/articles/default.asp?id=19
Very helpful. One does not need to entertain a gun purchase both blind and ignorant. Thanks for the link.
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