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My New/Used Taurus 85

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Well, I finally drove down to Gander Mtn. and bought a used Taurus 85. Looks to be in geat shape. I wasn't sure when it was manufactured, so I called Taurus and they told me it was made in 1997. Do any of you guys own a 1997 Taurus, gun of course :)? Is so, was that a "good year" for this the model 85?
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For those just coming in on this the only .44 Special revolvers are 445,441 or 431 models. Funny an owner wouldn't know the designation of a revolver that was purchased. This is for newbies who are or will purchase a revolver. Checking to see if a few things are good on the revolver are as follows. Is there end shake in the cylinder? Check cylinder alignment and timing as well as lockup with the gun cocked. Hammer falls and can not be pushed forward when cocked in single action mode. Gently push on the hammer. If it falls the inner parts are worn to a point of being unsafe.There are other checks to make. Hopefully a FAQ might be created for this.
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