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My New/Used Taurus 85

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Well, I finally drove down to Gander Mtn. and bought a used Taurus 85. Looks to be in geat shape. I wasn't sure when it was manufactured, so I called Taurus and they told me it was made in 1997. Do any of you guys own a 1997 Taurus, gun of course :)? Is so, was that a "good year" for this the model 85?
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I have a 85 I think it was 2003 production ( it's pic is in the gallery ) also have a 605 in SS like both of them a lot I picked up the 85 used and for what I bought it for couldn't be happier, it shoots POA at 15 yds which is a trick for my eyes anymore, I keep it in the vehicle locked up for just in case I forgot to put something on my hip or have a failure on my primary. At under 200.00 used I didn't think I could go wrong.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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