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I visited my towns one and only real gun store this afternoon and this little Taurus 850 practically jumped into my hands. I examined it pretty well and decided I just had to have it.

Dashed home and dug in the safe to find something to trade. Found a weapon that I would never likely shoot. Raced back to the GS, hoping all the time that no one had bought my "baby". Luckily, it was still there.... eagerly waiting for me to take it home.

Oddly enough, the dealer actually gave me a straight across deal. It seems that someone had come in looking for the exact weapon I was trading and he didn't want to wait for a special order to come in.

After a little clean & lube, I've been dry firing with snapcaps for the last several hours and that DAO trigger is smooth beyond belief!! When I tried the trigger pull in the GS, I was thrilled at how smooth and reasonably easy the trigger pulls. From here on it can only get better.

Early Friday morning will find us both way out in the desert for some break in shooting time. Can't hardly wait.

Here's a stock photo untill I can take some of my own.

I'm really "jazzed" about this new addition to the family. I just hope my XD9 SC won't be too jealous. ;D


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