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My new S&W 22a

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New S&W 22a

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Just bought a new S&W 22a with the 7" barrel. Excellent gun for the money...paid $275 for it. It disassembles easily for cleaning...unlike a Ruger, barrel comes off at the push of a button, is very accurate and eats everything i put in it. Also the barrels are made on the same machines as the model 41's barrels...which is a good thing considering 41s are very accurate and have a list price of $1,369. It came with a full length rail, and an extra mag. A 7" Browning Buck Mark is probably a better gun but try to find one...and you will pay alot more. I like Rugers, Ive had a cpl, but not easy to take apart and clean...which is important to anyone who shoots alot. Anyhoo, anyone looking for a reasonably priced .22 pistol would do well to check out the 22a. Now If ammo becomes available Ill be set :mad:....Im glad I stocked up some before everything went crazy.
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that's a beauty! nice going rob, have fun with it. :thumb:
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My 22A is a tack driver and very reliable. I am sure yours will be also.
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I like it!
Congrats on your new gun. You're gonna love it. I have the standard barrel with full length rail and it almost seeks bulls-eyes by itself.
Shoot it (often) in good health.
I've got three of the 22-A's. Two of them shoot superbly...the other one, I have not shot it yet!!!! It's on my to-do list!!
Congratulations on your new firearm.
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