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I wanted to add another facet to my carry rotation which currently is a TP9SA, Ruger SR9C, and now a Ruger LCP2.
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I picked this up NIB for $240 OTD. The LCP2 has been reviewed lots, so I won't go into the differences between the LCP and this model. After dressing formal for my daughter's wedding I realized I needed a micro to carry in a suit pocket. My suit coat would cover my normal carries, but the chance of displaying on accident is quite high when drinking and dancing.
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My LCP2 weighs 10.1 oz unloaded and 14.3 oz loaded with 7+1 90grn Hornady CD's. The trigger pull is 3/8" of pre travel hitting a hard wall with a 6lb break, followed by a 3/16" reset. I added a Hogue handall grip to help me control this noisy cricket. It came with one 6 round mag with a pinky extension, I purchased a 7 round mag as well. Had to remove the Ruger pinky extension as it was beating up one of my knuckles when firing.
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Put a bit of white paint on the front sight to help my crappy eyes. Also had to mod the trigger area to keep from pinching my trigger finger. I filed/sanded a bevel into the frame at the front of the trigger shoulder. Also sanded down the pointy trigger blade and safety to keep from pinching the bottom of my trigger finger.
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Well obviously I need more trigger time to compensate for the lefty issues, but overall at 10 yards, accuracy was pretty good ( not as good as a Spectrum ). So far the LCP2 has run 120 rounds of cheap Herters brass ball, Rem UMC, Amer Eagle, Hornady SD and Extrema SD ammo with no failures. I will be using the pocket holster it came with when carrying. I did test suit coat and pant pocket carry and it works fine. So all in all a good add to my rotation. More reviews coming - I picked up a pair of Tristar CZ clones ( S120 and L120 ) as well as a pair of RIA Ultra FS tactical 1911's in 45 and 9mm. Oh boy am having fun testing those out. Thanks for reading.

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The Ruger LPC II is my regular summer carry. I think you will like it. Good choice!
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