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Hey fellas,

New to TaurusArmed and new to revolvers! I decided to go with a Taurus M85 because, one, there were lots of good things said about them, and two, they are so affordable new! (Paid $225 on Gunbroker.com, blued, new, not an UL)

First things first, how do I know if this thing will handle +P ammo? It doesn't say it is rated for it, but I hear all Taurus's are rated for +P, so I thought I better ask.

Secondly, these grips have to go. I'm looking at the Hogue Pau Ferro w/checkering but at $95 a piece that is fairly steep, is there anywhere to get them cheaper?

And finally, the sights are pretty tough to see. Someone told me that you could put a layer of white modeling paint down on the front sight and then a layer of green or orange and that really helps. Has anyone done that or are there any examples/horror stories?

Appreciate your help fellas,

1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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