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My new Model 85

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Hey fellas,

New to TaurusArmed and new to revolvers! I decided to go with a Taurus M85 because, one, there were lots of good things said about them, and two, they are so affordable new! (Paid $225 on Gunbroker.com, blued, new, not an UL)

First things first, how do I know if this thing will handle +P ammo? It doesn't say it is rated for it, but I hear all Taurus's are rated for +P, so I thought I better ask.

Secondly, these grips have to go. I'm looking at the Hogue Pau Ferro w/checkering but at $95 a piece that is fairly steep, is there anywhere to get them cheaper?

And finally, the sights are pretty tough to see. Someone told me that you could put a layer of white modeling paint down on the front sight and then a layer of green or orange and that really helps. Has anyone done that or are there any examples/horror stories?

Appreciate your help fellas,

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First, welcome from the Republic of Texas !!

When you get a grip, so to speak, maybe you'll be so kind as to put some pics up....?

Enjoy yourself, there are some good guys here.
Well, excellent gun, but someone here has probably done everything your talking about, or soon will. So read about. OH and Welcome from the KY, Horse Country!!
Hi Matt, Welcome from Minnesota. Head over to the new member intro section if you haven't already. I've always been told the same. The Taurus 85 will handle +P. Someone more knowledgeable will either confirm or deny that. Steelheart will know for sure.
Mine has the little wood grips. I had an UL with nice stock rubber grips.
Last word, was anything made 2005 up can handle +P, but you probably do not want to do a steady diet of them only.
Thanks for the nice replies fellas, I'm coming to you from Virginia, but I'm an Indiana transplant (work in DC).

Thought I'd attach some "stock" photos!

[attachment deleted by admin]
2 more!

[attachment deleted by admin]
nice - are those the stocks? Those aren't bad at all.....
I'm sure you'll enjoy your 85. I've owned several over the years and still own a 9 or 10 year old 85 Multi-Alloy (aluminum frame, titanium cylinder and barrel shroud. Just recently picked up a titanium 851 (same as the 85, but has a shrouded DA/SA hammer). I carry both of these revolvers (not at the same time though).
Since my old gun is rated for +P ammo, I am sure yours is too (especially since it's a steel gun). However, a steady diet isn't going to extend the life of any .38 revolver.

Check out the Taurus website (www.taurususa.com) for a manual and more info on your 85.
I enjoy my 85....carry it all the time....and yes....they are +P rated.....but as some have said.....don't give them a steady diet of them.....use your plus P for your carry ammo and shoot SWC or FMJ's all ya want for practice.
Welcome to the forum.
This is my 85 I bought in 1994. It is my carry gun. You will like the 85 it's a real fine revolver.

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Very nice! Thank you for sharing and welcome to the forum, glad to have you join us. :)
I have used the model paint on a number of front sites. Bright orange or yellow works for me. On a short barreled gun with no rear sight its always a bit of a challenge. But given that your snub was designed for close protection, the lack of a target pistol sites is not a big deal.

Out West
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