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Native Texan hit the nail on the head.
Do own a 85CH( I know it's not the UL model) and a PT111.

Recoil is going to be stiff with either gun, but manageable with training and use of the right techniques. Problem is that this being somewhat subjective, it depends on a individuals ability to handle the snap when the gun comes up.

It's recommended that a crush grip, tight enough, but no enough pressure cut off the blood to the hand be used when shooting snappy handguns. Thumbs down as has been stated elsewhere.

Some shooters put the pinky finger under the grip. This helps them have better control over the gun when firing and after firing as the gun comes up in recoil.

Stances are important, too.There are to main stances and variations thereoff of. Weaver and Isosceles.
Modified Isosceles or the standard version are better for heavy recoiling guns than the Weaver and it's variations.

The Weaver stance has it's good points,too,so don't give it short shrift.Different scenarios need different stances where defense shooting comes into play.

One spreads the feet shoulder width apart. Both arms are brought out straight from the body evenly, in holding the gun. This creates the "triangle" and makes for a steady hold. Sometimes a slight crouch ,leaning forward , can be utilized as well. This helps with directing and controlling the forces better.

So there are ways to deal with this.

All that aside, there are good reasons for using standard pressure loads for self defense.

Quicker shot to shot recovery times,less wear and tear on gun and owner, less muzzle blast,as well as passing the point of diminishing returns, are reasons to go with the standard pressure loads.

The gain in velocity is not as much as one would believe with +P ammo is short barreled guns. Efficiency is degraded with most of the energy being wasted outside the shorty barrel.

In 9mm. the 115-124gr. regular pressure rounds will suffice and give a decent level of protection. Federal's 9BP 115 gr.JHP and Winchester's Silvertip set the standard long ago and are still excellent choices today. Just because it is old doesn't mean something is not valid.

Newer generations of JHPs are designed to open at sedate speeds. Some as low as 680 feet per second.

In .38 Special ,110gr JHPs or Buffalo Bore's 158 gr.LSWCHP regular pressure will get the job done.



These links just underscore what's been said. :)

+P ammo has it's place and can be used well in shorty barreled guns. There are some handicaps to be considered and confronted.
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