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My 850 just got better.

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I have had my 850 for a while. I have over 1500 rounds through her and have dry fired he thousands of times, with snap caps of course. I have done a trigger job, and put a lighter trigger return spring. Trigger is great. I recently found a set of Uncle Mikes Boot Grips on ebay. Just like the ones S & W puts on their J frames. They are thinner and open back. They are more comfortable for me compared to the Taurus grips. The trigger reach is shorter, so since I have short fingers, makes it a better fit. I thought the boot grips where not available. That Uncle Mikes sold the rights to S & W. I think the grips I got where old stock. Well, my 850 went from great, to fantastic.


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I have a set of Uncle Mikes Boot Grips on one of my J-frames. I like them better than the Hogue Bantam grips. Too bad they stopped making the grips.
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