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My .45 acp Pet Load

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I have settled on a pet load for my .45 acp. I have a gentlemen who sells good hard lead bullets for $20 / 500 185 gr. I have settled on Bullseye because I've had good experience with it and it is economical. A 185 Gr LSWC over 5 gr Bullseye gives a super reliable load, good accuracy, mild recoil and with a Lee single stage press and Lee .45 acp 4 dies you can shoot your .45 for about the cost of high quality .22's

The only caution is that Bullseye is a fast powder and a 5 gr load could allow for a double load. The biggest concern is to visually confirm that the loads are the same.
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i use 4.5gr of American select, pushing a 230gr Flat point lead. Nice accurate load.Shoot it out of a Hi-point 45
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