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MY .22 SIG Mosquito "L00KING GLASS" Black OP's

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Using this 50mm HOT DOT, is just like standing in your LivingRoom, L00KING out the Front Window...<:))
The name of the Game is quickly Find Your Target, Kill Your Target...!!!...<:))
~Both Eyes Wide Open Hot Dot Mosquito Black OP's~
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Very nice! :D Would be fun taking squirrels with that set-up. :D
Ok, where is the trigger lock on that sucker! :rolleyes: I looked the first time today, and thought it was a rifle :D Now I like big handguns as evidenced by my 13" Judge, :???: wonder if I could put that sight and that suppressor on it? ;)
Sweeeeet set up SGT !!
Robby, you may be on to something there with your point... It needs a Folding Stock Option... That would give a 3 point triangulating steadying hold...<:))

Taurus9mm, YUP... with a Folding Stock, I think a guy could make a EyeBall shot on a squirrel...<:))
Sweet. How much does it cost to build something like that, if you don't mind me asking?
paulrabe78,...Every thing you see in the Picture, the way it sits with Options is $500.00 Total give or take a few bucks...

The Wife never shot a Pistol till I got this Gun as a Family Shooter... So the Wife, and 2 Girls could have some fun Shooting at the Range... Needless to say the Wife Shoots every time we go to the Range now, and is having Fun...<:)) (they didn't like My Big Hand Cannons, to much Bark and Kick)... Now the Wife is starting to call it Her Gun...<:-(( I pitty the Poor BG that come in when She's home alone...!!! That Guy is going to walk right into a Mosquito with 10 Stinger Rounds in the Mag... Dumped right into His Center Mass...!!!...<:)) She's getting to be a Crack shot... I just ordered another 1000 rounds of CCI MiniMags for the Range...
Wife keeps it as HER Bedside Gun...!!!...<:)) She keeps it with the StreamLight on it like the Pic Below...

PS. If you want to get the Women into Guns, you Just got to get them one that's FUN, and Fits them...
Notice the Pink Targets I made for the Range... We make concessions for the Lady's...
I may have to draw the line, if She asks me to put Rhinestones in the Grips...

I guess this is what it would look like if a BG busted in on her.... YIKES
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