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MTECH USA XTREME Mx-8063 Fixed Blade Knife - $10.69 + Free S/H over $25

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Nice looking drop point skinner. :D
Well, I'm a sucker for a cheap knife on Amazon. I already have a Gerber similar to this that I like, but heck, can always give it for Xmas. :D
Butchering a pig with this knife today. I skinned that same pig with it Monday night. I just wanted to interject somewhere on the board that I like this knife a lot. :D It seems to get sharper and hold a better edge than my Gerber I mentioned in this thread and I love the sheath. It has a pouch big enough for a Smith's sharpener, one of those carbide/ceramic sharpeners. Now, I prefer my rock, but the Smith's is great in the pouch as I can have it with me and have it when the knife dulls as ANY knife will on a pig and multiple times. Another thing I like about the sheath is it attaches to the belt with velcro loops, either longitudinally or vertically as with a traditional sheath. I've got mine on longitudinally today, easier to sit down and take a break with. :D

Now, for the downer, knicked my finger with it while deboning a shoulder. Just sitting here waiting for the bleeding to stop. I'm dangerous with sharp knives. :rofl:
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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