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Mossberg shockwave

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I had the opportunity to take the Shockwave to the range today. I ran a variety of shells through the gun with zero issues. I started with a box of Federal game loads. The recoil was stout but manageable. I then moved on to some Remington 00 buck. The buck shot had noticeably more recoil but was still controllable. Just to say that I fully tested it, I decided to fire a couple of Federal 1oz slugs. While the gun was controllable, I would not call those comfortable by any stretch of the imagination. LoL Finally, I moved on to the Aguila mini shells! The day I bought the shockwave I also ordered the "OPsol mini clip" adapter. This nifty little gadget allows the mossberg 500/590/Maverick 88 to reliably cycle the 1 3/4" minis. I installed the adapter and loaded up 8+1 of the Aguila mini slugs. Recoil was comparable to the game loads, very controllable. I think the minis really make the shockwave shine. I'm on the lookout for some of the mini buck shot now. For anyone that has a shockwave, I highly recommend getting the OPsol adapter and some of the Aguila mini shells.

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I've got the 12 ga in Marinecoat. (Old guy, old joke-it's fully protected against cranberry juice. Marinecoat protects from the Ocean Spray!) I have the Opsol thing, but haven't found shells yet. I discovered today they're making the Shockwave in in 410 (more like a Shockripple). Might be a good thing with the long buckshot rounds. Make a good companion to a Judge.
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