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Mossberg shockwave

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I had the opportunity to take the Shockwave to the range today. I ran a variety of shells through the gun with zero issues. I started with a box of Federal game loads. The recoil was stout but manageable. I then moved on to some Remington 00 buck. The buck shot had noticeably more recoil but was still controllable. Just to say that I fully tested it, I decided to fire a couple of Federal 1oz slugs. While the gun was controllable, I would not call those comfortable by any stretch of the imagination. LoL Finally, I moved on to the Aguila mini shells! The day I bought the shockwave I also ordered the "OPsol mini clip" adapter. This nifty little gadget allows the mossberg 500/590/Maverick 88 to reliably cycle the 1 3/4" minis. I installed the adapter and loaded up 8+1 of the Aguila mini slugs. Recoil was comparable to the game loads, very controllable. I think the minis really make the shockwave shine. I'm on the lookout for some of the mini buck shot now. For anyone that has a shockwave, I highly recommend getting the OPsol adapter and some of the Aguila mini shells.

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Thanks for the report! I've been debating one of those. I have a Mossberg 12-gauge with a pistol grip and 6.5-inch barrel and it's a blast to shoot! (Don't worry, it's registered NFA.) The Mossberg Shockwave seems like it would be fun, too. I've seen them at gun shows and local dealers, but it's not been at the top of the priority list yet. Someday it will, hopefully soon. I want one with a magazine, though. :)
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