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A good friend of mine just bought a Mossberg Rolling Thunder...if any of you have never seen or heard of this it is a pistol grip shotgun. He lives in New Hampshire and bought it in Maine, and it was classified/issued as a "handgun" or "pistol" so it had to be transfered from Maine into New Hampshire so he could take possesion of it. The NH law states that no shotgun or rifle shall be in a vehicle while it is loaded. But since it was classified as a "handgun" or "pistol" does anyone know if that law if "void" or not applicable anymore? He really doesn't plan on keeping it loaded in his car and we know it is a shotgun therefore it probably is illegal to have in a vehilce while loaded, but does anyone know for sure??? Thanks for any help or suggestions.

P.S. He DOES have his CCW permit (carries a Beretta PX4 Storm .40...VERY nice shooting gun!!) so that is not an issue...

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