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Model 970 .22LR Tracker

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Wondering what the perception & reviews of this LARGE .22 revolver might be. I've heard many negative reviews of the smaller model 94, but generally positive about the 970. It's heavy, yes, but apparantly has a decent trigger.

I had been thinking about getting the PT111, but my wife is really hesitant about me getting my CCL. So, I'm thinking about going the opposite direciton and add to my .22 stable a large frame .22 revolver. I have a Buckmark, but I'm finding a real enjoyment in revolvers. This Tracker might be the ticket...



PS. These things seem to be scarce as hens teeth in the used market, and the ones I've found are commanding premium (like new) prices. If anyone knows of a good used one at a good price, please give me a heads-up!
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When I had the urge to buy a 22 revolver earlier this year I searched the net and found very useful information at Rimfirecentral.com. http://rimfirecentral.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=64
I compared the 94 vs 970 and went with the 970 and I'm VERY happy with it. Here it is with my urban squirrel ammo. :)
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