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Model 85 not shooting to point of aim - Help

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Does your new model 85 or 605 shoot to point of aim past 5 yards? I bought a new steel black 85 during the last rebate and it shoots to poa at 5 yards, but then is 1 1/2" left at 7 and 3" left at 10 yards. This is true standing or off a rest and with other shooters. The barrel is slightly canted right in the frame. The barrel cylinder gap is fairly even at .005 - .007 under lock up or with the cylinder to the rear.

I would like to see this revolver hold poi to at least 10 yards and even 15 yards or more.

Is this common and what are the odds of Taurus properly resetting the barrel if that is what is causing this? Will they loosen up in time if turned?

Has anyone else been down this road?

Thanks, Craig
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Canted barrels are something you have to watch for with revolvers. However, I've found the Taurus revolvers tend to be on the money as far as barrel fit more so than current S&W and Ruger revolvers despite the higher quality of fit and finish with Smith and Ruger. I have had an 85 and two 605's I could hit an eight inch target at 25 yards with. As to Taurus customer service - all you can do is send it back and see. Otherwise, you can learn to sight the gun at it's true point of aim; which is what I do with my S&W model 64.
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You may want to consider learning how to do some basic repairs yourself instead of going through the monumental task of sending it to Taurus and waiting for what seems like forever to get it back or dealing with some (not all) of the so called revolver gunsmiths that also take forever, have an attitude problem and end up giving you a substandard job.

I had just corrected a canted barrel on one of my revolvers using an old leather belt, a vice and a 14 inch adjustable wrench, if you try this yourself you need to remove the cylinder and put the yoke back in before you secure the frame in the vice. If your a person with some mechanical skill you can do quite a bit without any expensive high end tools just by watching some of the videos out there on revolver disassembly and repair.
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