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Model 731

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2006 gun, new in the box as pictured. I can't find any for sale to use as a guide. Hypothetically.....how much should I ask for this? No trades, cash only.


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I can't remember if they have Alumium frame or not... 32 H&R is a sweet round ..
This one is the "ultra lite", so yes, it's alloy frame.
To me its hard to put a accurate price for this revolver ... To me its neat .. and 6 shot in a lightweight small frame revolver is a great thing ...'I don't frown on tbe 32 H&R as a defensive cartridge.. They're some good defense loads for this revolver....
I see two 731 completed auctions on gunbroker. One finally sold for $500 after being listed a bunch of times with a $500 starting price, but it was a 3". Another one, a 2", got 31 bids and sold for $456.

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Sounds like its a good bet to put it on Gunbroker .. , I had a older Charter 6 shot 32 H&R Built on the Bulldog frame .. Sold it for 350ish just over a year or so ... 32 calibers will always be popular..for a dedicated few !!!!
My lgs has one for sale at $295. If it's still there in a week or two I'll offer them $250. It's not a very popular round in my area.
Maybe it's a keeper, not doing any harm in the back corner of the safe. I've got a few other "safe queens"
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