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Did some research into the .32 S&W Long.

Magtech rounds in any form of the .32 S&W Long will work in your Taurus. None of their rounds are high pressure or high velocity. Not even a load that has or had a JHP some time ago.
Yes, there is no +P version of the .32 S&W Long. SAMMI has no such rating either as you already know.

There is also no +P for .32 H&R magnum, but www.buffalobore.com has such a load. It is not to be used in H&R or NEF revolvers for any reason. However for those who have newer .32 H&R revolvers such as Ruger and Taurus have made then that round can be used in them.

It would be near impossible to find a hot rodded .32 S&W Long load unless someone where handloading the cartridge to dangerous levels. Reloaders might do that but commercial concerns do not.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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