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I did alot of research on this pistol before I decided to get one. Primary use: ranch pistol for snakes/varmit in West Texas. I did not want to spend the money on a S$W. Prices for even the used ones have flown out the window.
With that said: I found this Taurus revolver NIB at a recent gun show in Texas for $.285. The rubber-neckers at the table kind of backed away when I asked the salesman to 'write it up'.

After installing some fine laminated Excaliber grips (the stock grips are pitiful) , I took it to the range:

DA trigger - a little stiff but not as bad as my CZ75B out of the box. Will work on that...
SA trigger - oh man, to die for. Nice feel. Almost as sweet as my fiance's PT111 9mm.
Accuracy - I was absolutely amazed. Every shot inside the 8 ring at 30 meters. HOOAH!!
Ammo - Federal .357 semi-jacket HP's: 50 rounds. Fiocchi .38 FMJ's 50 rounds. Magtech .38 LRN's:50 rounds. Remmington Golden Sabers .38+P 20 rounds.

Ran the targets up to 15 meters and was able to put the Golden Sabers inside the 9 ring. Had to put up a new target for 7 meters. Excellent results.

I had some outliers with the Magtechs @ 15 meters, but by that time I was excited and was doing two shot taps in DA with some shooter induced trigger yank shooting combinations of CCI shot, HP's and LRN's.

Bottom line: Good value in a revolver. I am primarily a semi-auto shooter, but this revolver seems to be a great value. I bought it as a utility/knock around/ranch sidearm and it will serve in that capacity.

I think the beef folks have with Taurus is ill founded. I like mine and it fits the purpose to a tee.
It's a good, robust revolver. Not really a range gun for me, but I think it will work just fine out in West Texas where the rattlesnakes and copperheads are having a field day with this recent wet weather.

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What model/barrel length? Yeah, accuracy on my two .357 M66s and my .38 snubbie is pretty amazing. The older gun, the 3" M66, has the old hammer block action and the DA is a little less smooth. Also, the single action has a little creep, but I don't really notice it shooting. It's accurate as heck and a nice size gun to tote IWB. My two newer guns have the transfer bar actions and, MAN, the DA and SA are awesome! Taurus revolvers have steadily improved over the years and, I think, some of the Taurus detractors may have owned one back in the 70s or something when Smith was at its peak and Taurus was still learning. But, they never were BAD guns, just got more and more refined over the years to the point that, today, they can go toe to toe with any marque. They are a lot of gun for the money, that's for sure.

Good shootin' there, BTW! I know my 4" 66 with my cast .38 wadcutters (Lee mold) over 2.7 grains of bullseye will shoot sub 1" 25 yard groups off a rest all day long and it shoots almost that well with it's favorite .357 magnum load. I love that thing as an outdoor knock about gun, accurate enough to easily take a bunny at 25 yards or pop a hog at 50 yards if I do my part. I'm usually toting one or the other .357 when I'm down on my place working. They get carried a lot.
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