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mint 83

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I picked up this mint 83 from a guy who inherited from his uncle 10 years ago. The uncle put a cyl thru it and then it was a night stand gun. This guy was not into revolvers and put a few cyl thru it and then it sat in his safe. not a mark on it. Firearm Gun Revolver Trigger Gun accessory
Revolver Gun Auto part Trigger Rim
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Great find! Congrats.
That is a fine looking 83 you have.

I don't think many are out their.
Thanks. It's from 1992. He wanted 350 for it which I thought was high. We settled on my like new Stevens 320 12ga and 200. I wasn't going to be using the shotgun anymore because of a bad shoulder. Thought a full stock with pistol grip would help recoil but not much. I had the side plate off cleaned, lubed and polished the usual suspects for a smoother da but it wasn't bad to begin with.
Nice find!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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