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Mini-range report

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I decided to get out to the range today just to fire off some test rounds I made to determine which loading I will be using for my 38 special mass run. I also wanted to test fire my dad's Sig P226 that I got back from Sig after paying for a deep cleaning/spring replacement/sight replacement. I also took my Ruger 10/22 to test the new trigger assembly.

1. I took my Taurus 66 and 617 with me and use them both for test firing my reloads. I was using a Missouri Bullet 158 grain LSWC that is Hy-Tek coated. I loaded up 14 rounds of each loading, enough for a cylinderful in each gun, of the following:

3.2 grains W231
3.4 grains W231
3.6 grains W231
3.8 grains W231

After firing them all, I think I've settled on 3.4 grains of W231 because at 3.2 grains, the bullet was tearing the paper, and at 3.4 grains, it was leaving a pretty round hole. Very accurate at 3.4 grains too. The purpose of my experiment is to come up with a good load for light recoil, not only for me but for beginners I might take with me to the range. I think I've found it. I want to say that my Taurus 66 is a scary accurate revolver. It shoots right to POA and it much more accurate than I am. It's a really fun gun to fire whether you're shooting powder puff loads or full magnum hellpower. The 617 is a very fun gun too and it's in my concealed carry rotation, very reliable, and it can be accurate if you work with it. It has a tendency to shoot high, and I have to bring the sights down a bit at 7-8 yards to hit center target. It's like putting a gold ball (the target) on top of a tee (the front sight). With the 66, it lines up much more like a semi-auto and thus more accurate. Just something I have to keep practicing with and getting used to.

Next I got out the P226. I had a separate thread on this gun, because I sent it in for a complete spring replacement, deep cleaning, and they replaced the sights with tritium on front and back. I'm very happy with the sights, they light up very nicely in total darkness and should be great in low-to-no light situations when I get the rest of the problems fixed. I say that because I've identified 3 issues with this gun since Sig worked on it. I'm now getting light strikes about once per magazine, the empty mag isn't dropping freely when I press the mag release, and the slide is not locking back after the last round fires. I'm going to email the customer service contact at Sig and see what they say. I think I'll probably end up sending it back in but I need to talk to them first. Very disappointing, but the good news is that the trigger assembly is top notch now, and it's still very accurate.

Last was the Ruger 10/22. I had bought a new stainless trigger assembly about 3 years ago from Bangbang, to replace the plastic one that the rifle came with. I hadn't gotten around to messing with it until now, and i took it with me. I'm pleased to say that the trigger assembly works great, it's fairly smooth and breaks cleanly, and I'm very happy with it. I am now going to start building a custom rifle with this base, I'll be buying a new stock that can accommodate a bull barrel, and I will buy a bull barrel as well. I'll top it off with a scope of some type too. This will be a longer term project and I just wanted to get a feel for the assembly, and whether or not I put it in correctly.
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Just can't beat a day at the range doing some testing, learning and most importantly having a grand time.
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Thanks for the informative range report. Sorry about the Sig being a bad boy.
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Yeah, the Sig is naughty and may have to have another timeout here soon.

Forgot to mention, I made some Hornady XTP 158 grain loads for 38 special to test as well. I loaded up 4.7 grains of W231, and 4.9 grains, which is the max load listed in the Hornady book. It seemed like accuracy was better at 4.7 grains so I'll probably do a little more testing before I go with a self defense load.
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